Highlights from the Seniors’ Blogs

Here are some exemplary blogs from Trimester 1 of the IB Higher Level year two class.  Happy reading!

Jordynn Lurie created a truly wonderful music video that combined many of the contradictions and equivocations that the witches use Macbeth. It’s hilarious and accurate.  It’s a must-see!  Here’s a link to the video.

Michael Burton’s blog has many interesting images that go back all the way through Macbeth.  He’s also got Period 5’s audio recording of Act 3, where Banquo is murdered. Add to that a statistical evaluation of the appearance of the word “hand” throughout the play (which is interesting, albeit unusual application of mathematics to English class) and you’ve got a very creative, interesting piece.

Michelle Nudel’s blog is also visually interesting, and it has a great piece the speculates about what it would have been like for Duncan’s guards to see the king’s murder — if Lady Macbeth’s potions had left them conscious, but paralyzed.  Her word tracker post for the word blood has a good explanation — even if she left Lady Macbeth’s “Out Damned Spot” soliloquy off of it.

“Strange things I have in head that will to hand,                                                      Which must be acted ere they maybe be scanned.” 

Logan Foster found many images to illustrate his word tracker posts, and he has a very funny hypothetical interview between Macbeth and Hannibal Lechter, the mass murderer from the movies.  Check out his blog at this link.

Danielle Molloy’s blog is full of beautiful images, both original and imported.  In this example, from a blog post on the references to blood and time in the play, she shows how night and violence combine.  You can see good insights going all the way back to the beginning of the year.

Alejandro Cegarra has a wide variety of different ideas.  A very thoughtful set of posts, you always can count on having your knowledge of the works we’re studied challenged and investigated in new ways.  Here’s a link to his blog.


Neil Goodman’s blog explores many ideas that go beyond what we talk about in class.  Check it out and see Macbeth’s character re-imagined with Lady Macbeth’s cruelty, and read a thoughtful essay on Lady Macbeth and attitudes towards women.  Every post shows depth of thought and lots of style.

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