Presentation on “Style,” “Night Life,” and “Stockings.”

Ryan gave a quick summary of what happens in O’Brien’s story, “Style.” In it, the soldiers find a girl — a victim of a bomb that has destroyed her home and killed both of her parents. Rather than grieving, though, the girl is dancing — to no music. The soldiers don’t really know how to repond to the crazy girl who dances instead of grieving. Azar makes fun of her, and Dobbins gets angry with Azar. Ryan asked the group how we would respond. I think that I would let Azar be a jerk if he wannts to — Like the girl, he’s just dealing with the horrible tragedy in the only way he can. I would, however, keep on thinking about Azar as a horrible person.

Wes explained the trauma that Rat Kiley is experiencing in “Night Life” and asked other students to offer their ideas for what they would do if they found themselves in his position. What would they do if they knew that the war was making them crazy?

Efren selected a group of quotes from the story “Stockings” and had students arrange them in order. Then he summarized the story and asked people to share what their own good luck charms are (similar to the stockings that Henry Dobbins would wear around his neck).

Then Luis invited the group to whare their thoughts about “handling” the different situations.


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