Three Witches — Some images and an article.

Three Witches – Reference.

I noticed a couple of things as I tried to do the blog post I assigned to students on images of characters.

  1. It was very hard for me to think of anything to do besides going to Google Images and looking for “Macbeth,” or “Macbeth King” or the name of some other character.
  2. When I searched for images in this way, I inevitably found multiple images, but most of them were un-cited.  So then a moral dilemma comes up:  Do I post these images, which I don’t know how to cite, or do I ignore the rules and post them like everyone else has?  There’s one thing for certain:  I can’t draw.
It has been interesting, however, to look at the many different ways that the witches have been portrayed in different productions.  The article that I found above (which was really just a link to a Wikipedia article, gives a wonderful history and tradition of the different ways that the witches have been portrayed.  Here are some more examples that  I found:

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