The beginning of Academic Year 2011-12

It’s a new year, full of new possibilities for education.  At the moment, the thing that has me inspired — and very nervous — is the enormous change that has happened in the world of education since I started teaching (almost 20 years ago). 

This change is the availability of information and collaboration tools.  There is an enormous spiderweb of ideas and thoughts available to me and to educators worldwide — and this year, I’m going to explore this spiderweb.  To my students:  I hope that the experience of building and maintaining your blogs makes the educational experience of my class more worthwhile than it would be otherwise.  I also hope that our class wiki becomes a source of interesting and valuable insights that are produced by the class.  At the moment, I’m very eager to see how these different tools work for us as a community, and I hope that you all enjoy the ride.

About englishparsons

A happy English teacher with massive potential for growth. Trying to share the best I have to offer with the teaching world.
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